Our Content Management System

Flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to enhance the visitor experience are all reasons why clients are increasingly choosing to use our content management system to power their interactive exhibits.

The system is designed to give clients full control over the content of their exhibits now and in the future. This enables them to keep their exhibits fresh, to change content to fit chosen themes, and to give visitors new experiences.

From the visitor’s perspective, it creates an enjoyable experience, adding variety and new material over time. It also helps to ensure the accessibility of the experience with the use of dynamic media allowing the user to pan and zoom over text and images to set the size that is comfortable for them to use.


The content management system can be used to feed multiple exhibits and works across all platforms including mobile devices and PC-based exhibits.


It is easy for client staff to use and, of course, we offer full training to ensure that clients can get the best benefits from the system.

IMK008-Tablet-Tour-002_001 IMK008-Tablet-Tour-003_001

Hilary Wheat, champion of a lottery funded project at St Martin’s Church, Bilborough, told us why their tablet tour, which uses our content management system, has proved to be a successful choice.

“The tablets that we use to provide a tour of the church are a real asset. They are tremendously popular with children and, because they are mobile, can be used at any visitor’s own pace as they wander round the church or sit to use them which is good for elderly visitors and those with disabilities. We really didn’t want to clutter the walls of the building with boards and panels so the digital alternative is ideal.

“A real bonus is our ability to update the content. Because the tablet tour is part of a larger, ongoing project to research the history of the church, the surrounding area and the lives of local people we are constantly uncovering new material and information, correcting historical anecdotal details, and finding new ways to add to the richness of the visitor experience. The content management system is the ideal way to do this without the additional cost that we would incur if we had used printed exhibits.

“Our team have been trained in using the system and find it straightforward and easy to use. My top tip for using it is to keep your hand in! Not only does that make sure you remain familiar with how it works, it also means you get the full benefit of it in enhancing your exhibits.”

A further benefit for both the client and us is that the content management system helps keep the project development process moving smoothly. We can develop the project at the same time as the client develops the necessary content – it is all brought together in the content management system at the end of the project. This means that we are not reliant on all the content being in place before we can start work which means the project gets off to a flying start and keeps momentum throughout.