Cardiff Story Museum

An interactive acknowledgement panel recognises donors who contributed to the £2.5 million fund raising appeal to open the museum's first galleries. A "penny drop" encourages further small donations.
Cardiff Story Museum gives visitors the chance to follow Cardiff’s development from a small market town in the 1300s to one of the world’s biggest ports in the 1900s to the cosmopolitan capital it is today. The museum opened in the historic Old Library building in 2011 and tells these stories through the eyes of the people who created the city.

A fund raising appeal successfully raise £2.5 million to open the first galleries and Wide Sky Design were engaged to create an interactive board to acknowledge the donors.

Interactive acknowledgement panel

The installation, in Welsh and English, allows visitors to search by project and funder to explore how contributions have been used. The display features a description of the funder – a charitable organisation, corporate donor or individual – along with images and videos.
Carousel In-use
Coin Drop

An added element to the interactive is the Penny Drop, a fun twist on the traditional collection box to collect small coin donations to add to the museum’s on-going fundraising. It helps that the exhibit is situated near the entrance.
The interactive acknowledgement board from start to finish