Daniel Adamson

The challenges of interpreting the history of a working tug tender are addressed by the use of mobile tablets and integrating atmospheric exhibits into the infrastructure.
The Daniel Adamson is a restored working tug tender, the subject of a recent £3.8m HLF award. The project presented an interesting challenge to use technology to interpret the history of a unique and historic vessel, one of only two surviving tug tenders in the UK and the only surviving steam powered tug tender. We came up with some creative ways to maximise this unusual space.

As a working vessel, it presented a number of environmental and health and safety issues and its size and shape meant that there were limited opportunities to use traditional interpretation methods. With the restoration of a stunning art deco lounge being part of the project, there were also been limitations on how much fixed technology we could use.

We found the answer to these challenges in the use of mobile tablets and integrating atmospheric exhibits into the infrastructure. These included evocative audio and a recreation of the ghost of a barman in the lounge who relates stories from the Daniel Adamson’s varied history.

The unusual space also provided interesting opportunities to develop approaches to interpretation that are very personal to the location. On a practical note, we chose hardware suitable to the rigours of a marine environment in the form of IP rated marine grade hardware that will cope with the inevitable demands of high moisture levels, wide-ranging temperatures and strong sunlight.
Daniel Adamson barman
Bar Tender Audiovisual

The “Bar Tender”, a local Liverpudlian, reminisces about the history of the vessel in the stunning art deco lounge and shares gossip about the people who have travelled on it. This approach makes the very most of a small space to create an intimate atmosphere. The film was shot on green screen so that images from the history of the Danny could be projected behind to illustrate his memories. A de-mountable transparent rear projection screen allows the bar space to be used for its original purpose. We scripted and produced the six films.
The Danny Volumes

This exhibit provides visitors with unprecedented access to archive volumes documenting the life of The Danny, covering the working boat, the society boat and the restoration of the boat.

The tablet-based exhibit can be used as a free roaming tour, or as a fixed exhibit within bespoke enclosures. It can run from battery power enabling it to be used in an y location on the vessel. The tablets provide an extensive resource, which visitors can explore at their leisure in the comfort of the restored Art Deco lounge. The tablets incorporate many access features, for example, resizable text and imagery making them suitable for all. The extensive content is managed by a content management system allowing it to be updated and extended over time.
Daniel Adamson tablet
Daniel Adamson tablet content
How Does the Danny Work

This exhibit provides visitors with an overview of the general layout of The Danny and how she works. It explores the chain of communication that operates the vessel, and the chain of engineering that drives it. Visitors can explore this through text and image based descriptions, video interviews with the experts who restored the vessel, live CCTV of the working engine rooms and 360 panoramas of the bridge and other inaccessible areas.
Prom deck
Recent History of the Danny

This exhibit provides visitors with an overview of the social history of The Danny through a number of videos of key events in her life, including: Drone footage of the first towing to the docks; time lapse of the restoration; leaving dry dock, her sea trials upon completion, and historic footage of her working life.