Sumburgh Head Lighthouse

Two touch-screen interactives, along with audiovisual exhibits are part of a £5.4 million programme to create a world class visitor attraction at Sumburgh Head Lighthouse at the southernmost point of mainland Shetland.
The remote and rugged location of this visitor centre meant that we needed to ensure that the exhibits can withstand the effects of the local climate. We worked closely with the fit-out contractor to ensure that the kit, which was built in Huddersfield, could “plug and play”. With no specialist team on site, it was important that special attention was paid to details such as colour-coding cables to ensure that it would be as straightforward as possible to install.
Plug and Play for Ease of Install 2
Educational centre – Expert answers interactive

A new build Education Centre fulfils the Shetland Amenity Trust’s educational mission “to inspire and engage visitors by providing a range of learning opportunities that explore, increase knowledge and understanding of, and raise awareness of, the natural and cultural heritage of Sumburgh Head.”

Our interactive exhibit uses video to take the questions of visiting children and uses experts to answer them.
Food Web interactive

The Sumburgh Head project is led by Shetland Amenity Trust in partnership with RSPB Scotland and the area is rich in wildlife. The area is home to one of Britain’s most accessible seabird colonies as well as many sea mammals.

Our interactive exhibit explains how the food web of the area’s sealife and birdlife is connected – even to the commercial fishing that supports human life too.