Revive your computer for just 50p

When you invest in hardware for your interactive exhibits it makes good sense to maintain it properly to get the best possible use from it.

One little-known thing is that your computer contains a small battery to remember the date and time. It’s seems like a small thing but, if the battery dies, your computer doesn’t work. It’s worth checking whether this is the cause of a non-functioning computer because the battery costs around a mere 50p – it looks like this…

computer date battery

I you don’t fancy tinkering inside your computer yourself it can be easily fitted by your local IT repair specialist. That’s much more efficient and cost effective than sending your computer back to be repaired or replaced, not to mention saving the considerable hassle of re-commissioning it.

This battery usually lasts for 4-5 years so, if your hardware goes on the blink after this time period, it’s well worth checking to see if a new battery will help.