To the rescue at Conkers

Conkers, an award-winning attraction based in the National Forest is jam-packed with exciting exhibits but one that had been installed fifteen years ago had been out of action for the past three years with the team unable to find anyone who could bring it back to life. In their search they contacted a fit-out company that we have previously worked with and they suggested a call to us.

As ever in these circumstances we were happy to help and had the exhibit up and running again within just a month.

The exhibit is a space about five feet wide, crossed by eight infrared beams. By waving their hand across these beams the visitor should trigger the sounds of wild creatures found around the Visitors Centre: a frog, toad, dragonfly, cuckoo, owl or bee.

Conkers infrared interactive

Our first task was to work out what the exhibit did and how and to then recreate this within the existing infrastructure. We then:

  • Refurbished the infrared sensors,
  • Removed the legacy equipment, and
  • Installed an up-to-date interactive AV system.

Connkers interactive old system

Old system for the Conkers infrared interactive

Conkers interactive new system

New system for the Conkers infrared interactive

We’re pleased to say that the exhibit now has a whole new lease of life.

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