Celebrate 2018 – Confetti

Last week we visited Confetti’s ‘Celebrate 2018’ showcase to see an exhibition of the work their college-level students have been creating over the past year. And they didn’t disappoint!

Held over six venues in the heart of Nottingham and a stone’s throw from their new Creative Quarter Campus, ‘Celebrate’ did exactly that! From DJ sets at MIMM and a live gig performed and managed by students at Rough Trade to the big screen at Broadway and gaming portfolios at the NVA, the day was full of creative energy.

We spent much of our time at Antenna on Beck Street to see the work of Confetti’s Graphic and Digital Design 1st and 2nd year students, with whom we’ve working on an open brief designed to showcase the many transferable skills the students have in illustration, photography, layout, print and motion graphics.

We caught up with Ellie Howitt the Graphic & Digital Design course leader at Confetti to discuss the importance of introducing students to professionals in their chosen career path at this early stage in their education.

“It’s very meaningful for the students to show their work and a great experience for them to talk to professional designers. Our ongoing relationship with Wide Sky plays a key role in this process.”
Ellie Howitt - Confetti

I remember studying for my A-Levels and not having anything like the level of exposure that these students are getting at Confetti. These showcases are a benefit to everyone involved, with the students bolstering their confidence and developing their presentation skills, and the professionals getting a chance to see the next round of talent ready for the creative industries.

A lot of Wide Sky’s work involves AV installations that rely on engaging animated content to attract an audience as well as inform and entertain.  We’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration through 2018-19, this time presenting a 2D/3D animation brief.  Judging by the caliber of work we’ve just seen, we’re looking forward to seeing some very exciting results next year…

Matt Stevenson, Designer