Digital Fireplaces

How do you tell a story, evoke an atmosphere and capture the spirit of a place whilst making the best use of space in a sensitive historic building?

If the room has an imposing fireplace that is otherwise unused, this can be the ideal spot to create that impact without intruding on the integrity of the rest of the space.

We have created digital fireplaces at Caerphilly and Conwy Castles – although there is no reason why this technique couldn’t be used in palaces, stately homes and other historic buildings too.

Interactive fire place exhibit at Conwy Castle

At Caerphilly, the digital fire adds a sense of warmth to the Great Hall, also using music and images to convey the sense of celebration that the hall would often see, and telling stories from the castle’s history.

The digital fireplace system can be installed easily – all that is needed is a power socket and a chimney. Our bespoke expansion mount system is designed to be installed in listed buildings with no permanent fixing required which means that this imaginative way of interpreting the spirit of place is an opportunity for any historic building.