Tablet Tours vs Bring Your Own Device

We’re currently undertaking the creation of a number of “Tablet Tour” projects. The client will own a number of tablets with the interactive content installed for loan to visitors. It’s a practical way to ensure that visitors can control their own experience at their own pace in a personalised way.

But why choose this option over the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) approach? After all, if you rely on visitors to bring their own phones or tablets to view your interactive content that saves on the cost of providing equipment.

One reason to choose the tablet tour is that you control the platform that the content is viewed on and thus the quality of the visitor’s experience. If you rely on visitors to bring their own device, you are then obliged to create content that will display clearly on any device they might bring, whether IoS, Android or Windows based – and that’s where costs of development can start to mount up.

Android tablet for tablet tours (2)

There is also some anecdotal evidence that the public can be resistant to using their own devices in this kind of setting. They are concerned about running down their battery and using up their data allowance. In family groups, there is often a reluctance to encourage children to have their eyes fixed to their own phone during a family day out.

So we’re not surprised to find clients preferring to offer their visitors a smoother, more reliable interactive experience that they are more likely to take up.