Testing at Marwell Zoo

We’re testing a couple of products at Marwell Zoo for their Wild Explorers exhibit. This new area, which is about exploration and the discovery of wild animals, will focus on the natural history and conservation of three iconic species for which Marwell has special responsibility.

CCTV will be installed in the paddock for the white rhino, Grevy’s zebras and the scimitar-horned oryx to help guarantee an experience for visitors of these large grazing animals regardless of their location or activity. Live video from these cameras, along with pre-recorded videos, will be displayed around the exhibit so that no visitor need miss an exciting moment with the animals.

We’re also enjoying testing out lighting effects with a moving head gobo light, creating the feeling of being out in the animals’ natural habitat with daylight and dappled lighting effects.

James Cretney, Marwell’s Chief Executive, enthuses that “Wild Explorers will mark the start of a £17m investment programme in the zoo over the next 10 years which will see improved habitats for our animals and more immersive experiences for our visitors. It’s very exciting!”