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Newhaven Fort project

More news from Newhaven Fort

Newhaven Fort is working with artist Carol Havard and the local community to create a VE day model of the town. One of our time lapse systems is being used to record the model as it builds between now and October.
Marwell Zoo white rhino

Testing at Marwell Zoo

We’re testing a couple of products at Marwell Zoo for their Wild Explorers exhibit. This new area about exploration and the discovery of wild animals will focus on the natural history and conservation of three iconic species for which Marwell has special responsibility.

Installing at Newhaven Fort

We’ve just been down to Newhaven Fort to install cameras in the Grand Magazine to capture timelapse photography of a project that will be running until September 2015. A resident artist will be creating a street scene around the theme of VE Day.

New Project: Marwell Zoo

We’re pleased to be working on a range of interactive exhibits for the new “Wild Explorers” project at Marwell Zoo near Winchester which will provide more immersive experiences for visitors.

Time-lapse photography at St Martin’s Church

The restoration of the wall paintings by mid-20th century artist Evelyn Gibbs at St Martin’s Church, Bilborough in Nottinghamshire is progressing. Here’s a sneak preview…

Keep your touch screen clean

A clean screen on your touch screen exhibit will help ensure your visitors’ experience is a great one and make it easier to maintain and prolong the life of your equipment.

The right package for each client

With public money so often at stake, a price that reflects excellent value for money is essential as, of course, is the demonstrable ability to fulfill the contract requirements.