Archive of month: February 2015

Tablet Tours vs Bring Your Own Device

We’re currently undertaking the creation of a number of “Tablet Tour” projects. The client will own a number of tablets with the interactive content installed for loan to visitors. It’s a practical way to ensure that visitors can control their own experience at their own pace.

Speaking at the Upland Biodiversity Conference

Moors for the Future’s Fire Aware project will be featured on the agenda at the Upland Biodiversity Conference in March. Key people will be using Fire Aware as a case study in a session on conservation.

Moving forward with The World of Beatrix Potter

Our interactive photosystem was installed at The World of Beatrix Potter a year ago and we are acting on the lessons we have learned from this project to make the system even more attractive to visitors.

New Project: The West Yorkshire Hoard

Back in September 2008 a metal detectorist working alone in a field just outside Leeds made a unique and exciting discovery – a small hoard of jewellery and precious items dating way back to between the 7th and 11th centuries and yet excellent condition.

New Project: Pontypool Townscape Heritage Initiative

In a new project for the Pontypool Townscape Heritage Initiative we are taking educational interpretation online, developing a range of online games and activities for use in schools to support Key Stage 2.

New Project: Marwell Zoo

We’re pleased to be working on a range of interactive exhibits for the new “Wild Explorers” project at Marwell Zoo near Winchester which will provide more immersive experiences for visitors.

Military Intelligence Museum – Entering Year 2

After the successful launch last year of Military Intelligence Museum’s interactive telling the story of the Intelligence Corps in and around the First World War, the exhibit is about to enter its second year.